Please join us on Zoom to discuss pressing issues in law, at our lunchtime round tables.

This workshop is delivered by our partners at Pecan Partnership.

Our theme for this event is The Psychology of Mergers & Acquisitions.

The number of mergers and acquisitions in the legal sector is expected to rise as the economic downturn makes sale or consolidation of practices a necessary solution. Experience shows that culture is one of the highest quoted reasons by CEOs for failing to realise the benefits of M&As as it is deprioritised or overlooked entirely in the due diligence process. However once organisations start to merge or change operations, underlying cultural differences become a significant obstacle to success.

Join us to share best practice and experiences, if your firm:

  • is considering embarking on an M&A opportunity
  • has recently completed an M&A and has not yet considered the cultural consequences
  • is finding that unresolved cultural differences are getting in the way of benefits realisation

Please note these events are suitable For Managers, Partners, Team Leaders and HR. They are not suitable for students.