In this episode, Dr Sally Penni MBE is Talking Law with Lord Jonathan Sumption

Lord Sumption is a former senior judge who sat on the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

Sally and Lord Sumption reflect on his career, the cases he enacted on as a barrister, including the Abramovich case, and why Lord Sumption once said it will take 50 years to achieve true equality at the bar. Sally and Lord Sumption also discuss the 2019 prorogation case, although he did not act on this case he shares his perspective.

During the pandemic Lord Sumption spoke out against the lockdowns when asked to comment by the BBC programme “The World at One”. He explains to Sally the reasoning behind his views and where he believes the government went wrong.

A former academic, Lord Sumption has authored several books and specialises in history. Sally speaks to him about his life outside of his work and his passion for the arts.

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Presented by Sally Penni MBE, barrister at law at Kenworthy’s Chambers Manchester and founder and chair. Follow Sally on Twitter @SallyPenni1 and Instagram @sjsallypenni

Show Notes

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