We are pleased to announce ‘Women in the Law UK webinars’

Free to all members – Supporting you and your career development for FREE during challenging times.


The COVID-19 virus has, and will no doubt continue to have a significant impact in terms of how we all continue to work.

In the light of these challenges, we will have to adapt and innovate in order to find our new normal.

This may mean working from home, eliminating travel, managing work and family as well as learning how to continue to operate, albeit in a virtual world.

Whilst nothing we do at Women in the law UK  can solve any of the issues we are facing, what we can do is offer our support to try and keep you engaged and inspired over the coming months.

Our plan, as part of Women in the Law UK online is to support your on-going learning by providing an increased amount of content through our websites and social channels, alongside opportunities for you to learn and engage online. The new Women in the law uk  initiative has been hugely supported by a number of ‘pay it forward’ speakers and organisations who have offered their time for free in order to support others. For this, we are hugely grateful.

Below is where we will be focusing our efforts over the coming months. If you feel you are able to help or support any of these initiatives, please do get in touch