Michelle Cohen and Nicola Barraclough of Prevent Breast Cancer join Sally Penni MBE, for this important wellbeing webinar.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and the biggest cause of death for women between 35 – 49.

Although treatment is much more successful these days, the incidence of breast cancer has not declined, in fact statistics show that cases of the disease are growing – and that women born today will experience a rate of 1 in 8.

However, despite the huge funds raised for cancer research in the UK – less than 4% is spent on prevention.

So – Prevent Breast Cancer has a unique mission – to fund ground-breaking research with the sole aim of preventing the disease for future generations.

Our mantra is that we will

PREDICT who is at high risk of developing breast cancer

PREVENT the disease from occurring

PROTECT future generations from ever experiencing the trauma of breast cancer

Founded by a leading breast cancer surgeon 25 years ago in Manchester, the charity is based in the UK’s only breast cancer prevention centre.

Our world-leading research is aimed at making breast cancer preventable – and we are now getting much closer to this goal.

Our Health Hour talks have gone global and have now been delivered virtually to many hundreds of people all over the world.

What is covered in the talk?

• How to reduce your risk of developing the disease

• Signs and symptoms to look out for

• Causes of breast cancer

• How to check yourself

• Why we’re focused on prevention

• Our latest research findings