Publishing your book with us

Publish your book with our Women in the Law UK publishing arm

We now offer a service fo you to publish your book with us. Here is what you can do:
  • Publish as a Women in the Law book or
  • Publish your own book with help from us
  • We publish books by men and women
  • We publish Poetry, fiction and non fiction etc
  • We publish books by black and BAME authors
  • We will read it, edit it and publish it
  • if your book fits our values
  • If your book is not for us, we will direct you elsewhere

Submit your book by email to us

Please include the answers we ask you below;
  • Book title:
  • What is the name of your book?
  • What type of book is it?
  • What is the book about?
  • Fiction or non fiction?
  • Tag line for the book:
  • Why are you writing the Book?
  • Is your book finished? Y or N
  • Who will buy and read your book?
  • How long is the book?
  • How many words is the book?
  • How many pages in the book?
  • How will we market it?

Advisory Board

Join our Book Club

Women in the Law UK hold a monthly book club.

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