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Women in the Law UK

Women in the Law UK is a women’s networking organisation with events designed to encourage, inspire and support the next generation of Lawyers and Women in Business.

“Women in the Law UK is about supporting the next leaders in Law and encouraging career progression through personal development. The next stage is finding a way to progress social mobility in the profession and learning from our colleagues in Business”  

Founder – Sally Penni 



The events give a chance for young women starting or at various stages of their careers to talk to senior women & men about the profession.

Allowing junior and senior members to learn from each other, connecting the Law and Business.

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Women in the Law UK support the Wellbing at the bar initiative. All our events are designed with wellbeing in mind and at the heart of it especially our up coming events Resilience, Health & Wellbeing, and Financial Health Check.

Each of our events provides access to a coach and a councillor for conversations in strictest confidence.

Visit Wellbeing at the Bar website

Inspiring Women in Business talk to Women in the Law

Inspiring women in business talk to Women in the Law UK about careers, leadership, wellbeing. (June 14th 2018)

– Marnie Millard OBE

– Jennie Johnson MBE

– Emma Elston MBE

– Rebecca McCann

Supported Charities

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Prevent Breast Cancer

GM Law Centre

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