Women in the Law UK Webinar Series

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This ‘pay it forward’ initiative has been kindly supported and shaped by over 45 amazing speakers and companies, who have all pledged to share their expertise. Our plan is to host one webinar per week via Zoom, free of charge for anyone, anywhere in the world to join.  These webinars will be 45 mins duration with Q&A.

Thanks to our speakers, we will cover a myriad of topics relating to both work and life. You can expect everything from managing your mental health to managing virtual teams.

Check this page frequently to keep up to date with our webinars.

We wish you all the very best of health during this time, and we look forward to seeing you in the virtual world of Women in the Law UK online.

Upcoming Webinars

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April 2021

March 2021

January 2021

  • March 2021

    Friday 5th – Virtual Future Leaders Summit

    Thursday 11th – Cath Brown; Communication Skills for Lawyers

    Friday 26th Book Club with Gina Miller discussing “Rise”

  • April 2021

    15th 1pm – Emma Green; Law and Cyber Security

    16th 1pm – Dr Cath White; Law and Strangulation

    19th 1pm – Cath Brown; Becoming your own Advocate: A guide to Self Coaching

    22nd 7pm – Sam Hillas QC; Law and Divorce

    23rd 1pm – Prof Penny Cooper; Law and Vulnerable Witnesses

    29th 1pm – Jill Patterson; Consumer Law

    29th 7pm – Cath Brown; How I Reached the Top

    30th 1pm – Gail Heath; Law aned Domestic Violence

    Friday 30th Book Club with Rachel Abbott

  • May 2021 – Career Month

    6th 1pm – Majula Bray: Making good applications with confidence

    7th 1pm – Francesca Gardner; Mental Health Tribunal

    13th 1pm – Susanne Tanner QC; Circuit Judge

    14th 1pm – Rachel Roberts; Setting up your Law Firm

    20th 1pm – Emily James; Diversyfying your career

    21st 1pm – Ruwena Khan; Being a part time DJ

    21st 7pm – Book Club with Suzanne Doyle Morris discussing “The Con Job”

    27th 1pm – Kate Gaskell; Tribunals

  • November 2021

    Friday 19th Annual Conference

  • The Practice of Law Series, a legal seminar on Law and Guidance.

    This is a series for Lawyers and Solicitors.  First Wednesday of the month at 7pm

    With Sally Penni MBE Barrister at Law, talking about the law and legal concepts every month with special guests.

    March – Cyber Security, Law and GDPR

    April – Joint Enterprise

    May – Mental Health and Crime and Fitness to Plead

    June – Cross Examining Vulnerable Witnesses

    July – Bad Character Evidence

  • Week 1 – 16th March

    • Thursdays 7-8pm: In conversation with Sally Penni
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Alex McCann social media expert
  • Week 2 – 23rd March

  • Week 3 – 30th March

  • Week 4 – 6th April

  • Week 5 – 13th April

  • Week 6 – 20th April

  • Week 7 – 27th April

  • Week 8 – 4th May

  • Week 9 – 11th May

    • Monday 1-2pm Lunch and Learn – “How to publish a book” with TheManWithABeard.com
    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “What to wear on zoom calls”  Fashion and lock down with Harry Purewal
    • Wednesday 7-8pm: In Conversation with Grieselda Togobo, “how I reached the top”
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Luan de Burgh on confidence, ‘How to Become More Confident’
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with Sally Penni – Tim Lambert – Coping with Unprecedented Change
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “How to be More Confident” with Sarah Perris
  • Week 10 – 18th May

    • Monday 7:30pm with Stacey Copeland inspirational role model on why she set up #pavetheway
    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Suzanne Reece ‘Developing Skills for a Future Lawyer’
    • Tuesday 7-8pm: INSTAGRAM LIVE with Chronicles of a Family Lawyer.
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn with Rachel Brushfield how to energise and liberate your talent
    • Thursday 7-8pm “In Conversation with Donna McGarth
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “What About Sleep: your Barometer in this Current Time” by Adriana Galimberti-Rennie
  • Week 11 – 25th May

  • Week 12 – 1st June

    • Monday 1-2pm Lunch & Learn – SRA and disciplinaries during COVID 19
    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Leadership by Tim Lambert – ‘Preparing to be a balanced leader. Developing trust in leadership’
    • Wednesday 1-2pm Lunch & Learn – Weslyan
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Kirsty James Colony ‘Effective Networking
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with Sally Penni… and Suzette Pulman
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “Careers, You and Your CV‘ Advice from Headhunter Realm Recruit covering ‘updating your CV’ by legal recruiter Duanne Commel
  • Week 13 – 8th June

    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – ‘Imposter Syndrome How to Beat It’ with Kate Dodd, Diversity and Inclusion consultant and Solicitor at Pinset Masons LLP
    • Wednesday 1-2pm: Ella Overshot – Latest Research – Using Lessons from Lockdown for Future Performance
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – ‘How to Build your Brand‘ by Tanya Lloyd, photographer knowing your brand
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with Sally Penni and Stuart Anderson from Alpha PR
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Sarah Evans on employment rights for women
  • Week 14 – 15th June

    • Monday 1-2pm: Lunch and Learn -“Working with the press to win more clients and benefit your career.” With Stuart Anderson, founder of Alpha Public Relations
    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – How to have more Gravitas by Kevin Withane
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Phil Barnes- My Journey From Solicitor to Barrister to Part time Judge
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni and Special Guest
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Mary B. Jackson from Lawcare
  • Week 15 – 22nd June

    • Monday 7:30pm: How I Reached the Top – Karen Borden
    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Lawyer to other talents – Graham Hansen
    • Tuesday 7pm: How I Reached the Top – Sharon Amesu
    • Wednesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn Donna McGrath
    • Wednesday 7-8pm: Jodie Hill
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – From CPS to Judge my story of judicial appointment. With DJ Mark Angus
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni and Special Guest Duanne Cormell
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – ‘Prime your personal brand: top tips for on-purpose, on-point personality driven communication’ with Shola Kaye
    • Friday 7pm – Monthly Book Club
  • Week 16 – 29th June

    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Resilience with Rachel Ward Liley
    • Wednesday 7pm: How I Reached the Top
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Jill Paterson on Consumer law
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni and Special Guest
    • Friday 10am: Q&A with Andy Burnham and others
    • Friday 1pm: Lunch and Learn with Wesleyan
    • Friday 6pm: Black Lives Matter Special – with Courtenay Griffiths
  • Week 17 – 6th July

    • Monday 1-2pm: Lunch and Learn – Manjula Bray “Are you a competent contender for the judiciary?”
    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Media Training, Crisis Communications and Presentations Skills with The Media Coach Catherine Cross.
    • Wednesday: How I Reached the Top with Karen Kabweru-Namulemu
    • Wednesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Carol Gillespie author of A flying Start, Student Special
    • Thursday 1-2pm:Lunch and Learn – Emotional Intelligence for law and business with Ella Overshot
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni Student Special
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Masterclass on How to Burn Bright not burn out by Donna Smith
  • Week 18 – 13th July

    • Tuesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – How to prevent pain with Osteopath Suzette Pulman
    • Wednesday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – SBA Charity – What can the Solicitors Benivalent Charity do to help in a crisis
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – How I Reached the Top with Rachel Birks
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Sarah Perris “How to give a presentation with Confidence in the digital age”
  • Week 19 – 20th July

    • Monday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Branding with Janine Esbrand
    • Thursday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Securing a Traing Contract with So Yung
    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni
    • Friday 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – Growth Mindset for you and your Family with Emma Mander
  • Week 20 – 27th July

    • Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni and Special Guests
    • Friday 6-7pm: Career Advice and Why Black Lives Matter with Amanda Adeola
    • Friday 7pm: Monthly Book Club – Scarlett Cole, Jordan Reclaimed

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  • August

    • Friday 7th 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “How to get a training Contract” with Emma Klieve Book Here
    • Friday 14th 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “Keeping your Dreams Alive” by Rachel Maunder Book Here
    • Friday 21st 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – “Working in an Alternative Business Structure” with Sian Darlington Book Here
    • Tuesday 25th 1-2: Birthday Q&A for Founder Sally Penni Book Here
    • Tuesday 25th 7-8: Birthday Virtual Drinks for Founder Sally Penni with Special Guests Book Here
    • Every Thursday 7-8pm: In conversation with…… Sally Penni and Special Guests

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  • September

    • Thursday 3rd: Advice and Guidance for Pupillage Aspiring and Junior Barristers with Helen Longworth
    • Friday 4th: Book Club, Chris Daw QC; Justice on Trial
    • Tuesday 15th: Wesleyan on Stamp Duty
    • Tuesday 22nd 1-2pm: Lunch & Learn – How to get Pupillage with Emily Landale
    • Friday 25th: Book Club, Sarah Vaughan; The Anatomy of a Scandal
    • Every Thursday “In Conversation with Special Guest
      • Thursday 17th Joanne McCormack – Weighing up the Evidence on Diet
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