In this episode, Sally Penni MBE is Talking Law with Leroy Logan. Leroy was a highly-decorated Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police – a career that culminated with his work on the Olympic Security Team overseeing the London 2012 games. He was a member of the Black Police Association for over 30 years and was 1st National Chair 1998-99 and London Chair 2000-04, as well as being a founder member for both the London and National BPAs.

Leroy reveals how Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen came to make a BBC TV drama about his life as a police officer, and how Leroy even helped with scripting the show. Leroy also reflects on his life-long career with the police and the positive influence his parents had on his life.

Now, Leroy’s next ambition is to become a children’s author. Currently less than 5% of children’s books are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and even fewer are from a male perspective so Leroy intends to offer an alternative discourse in children’s literature.

Presented by Sally Penni MBE, barrister at law at Kenworthy’s Chambers Manchester and founder and chair of Women in the Law UK.

Show Notes

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