In this episode, Dr Sally Penni MBE is Talking Law with Joanna Hughes.

Joanna is the creator of Joanna Hughes Solicitor Apprenticeships and Advisor to the City Century career creating collaboration of 50+ City of London law firms which identifies, attracts, recruits, onboards, educates, networks, develops and qualifies significant numbers of talented and committed solicitor apprentices.

Joanna and Sally discuss why Solicitor Apprenticeships are an attractive route into the law for employees and employers alike, and why Jonna is so passionate about them.

Joanna shares insights into ways that the legal profession can be diversified, and the different forms diversity can take. Plus Joanna shares her top tips for those starting out in the legal profession.

This episode is supported by Joanna Hughes Solicitor Apprenticeships. Find out more about their work here. You can also find out more about City Century here.

Presented by Sally Penni MBE, barrister at law at Kenworthy’s Chambers Manchester and founder and chair of Women in the Law UK. Follow Sally on Twitter @SallyPenni1 and Instagram @sjsallypenni

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Show Notes

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