18th March 2020

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Events Coming Up

The COVID-19 virus has, and will no doubt continue to have a significant impact in terms of how we all continue to work.

In the light of these challenges, we will have to adapt and innovate in order to find our new normal.

This may mean working from home, eliminating travel, managing work and family as well as learning how to continue to operate, albeit in a virtual world.

Whilst nothing we do at Women in the law UK  can solve any of the issues we are facing, what we can do is offer our support to try and keep you engaged and inspired over the coming months.

Our plan, as part of Women in the law uk online   is to support your on-going learning by providing an increased amount of content through our websites and social channels, alongside opportunities for you to learn and engage online. The new Women in the law uk  initiative has been hugely supported by a number of ‘pay it forward’ speakers and organisations who have offered their time for free in order to support others. For this, we are hugely grateful.

Below is where we will be focusing our efforts over the coming months. If you feel you are able to help or support any of these initiatives, please do get in touch via womeninthelawuk@gmail.com

Thursday 19th March 7pm

If you can’t join us by video then do join us on Twitter at the same time using #womeninthelawuk
We are going to be holding a virtual catch up over zoom at 7pm on the 19th March, we would love it if you could make it even if you weren’t coming to the dinner.  Click on this link at 7pm tomorrow night: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/120988463
On Friday Alex Mccann from Altrincham HQ will be giving us some Social Media tips via zoom, please join at 1pm via the following link


Friday 20th March 1pm

Thank you for continuing to support our organisation.
We really appreciate your support.
We are a non for profit organisation.
Please bear with us.

Our events are postponed not cancelled due to coronavirus.

We will notify you of the new dates when we have them.
We are awaiting for our New annual dinner date from Lady Hale.  Hopefully September or November.
Our future leaders conference is provisionally 3rd of July but if there is still coronavirus we will rearrange this to 12 November.
We will keep you posted and are keeping a close eye on the situation. In the mean time health first.
Please follow our work in the virtual space.
Other Events
2nd April – Manchester, Book Launch, This will be virtual, more details to come
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Womeinthelawuk webinar series

Over the next three months, we will be running FREE weekly skills

This ‘pay it forward’ initiative has been kindly supported and shaped by over 45 amazing speakers and companies, who have all pledged to share their expertise. Our plan is to host one webinar per week via Zoom, free of charge for anyone, anywhere in the world to join.  These webinars will be 45 mins duration with Q&A. Thanks to our speakers, we will cover a myriad of topics relating to both work and life.
You can expect everything from managing your mental health to managing virtual teams.

Please also follow our Twitter account @womeninthelawuk and @sallypenni1

Because we will be using this channel to promote these webinars using And also our NEW LINKED IN PAGE

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Access to learning videos

We are bolstering our YouTube channel with recordings of talks from all of our previous conferences and Careers Club events.  It’s at women in the law uk


A huge thank you to so many of our previous speakers for giving us permission to share their sessions online.  We are also working with our partners to provide new learning videos and content weekly. You can find the channel here.



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Editorial content

We are increasing our editorial content on Women in the law uk tenfold.


We have engaged with a series of new bloggers and writers to bring inspirational articles packed full of tips and tricks to challenge your things and keep you both inspired and motivated.


We are also updating our calendar of events with virtual events and webinars daily. You can visit both the Events calendar on WeAreTechWomen calendar here.  Please bookmark these links.


Tweet Chats

Over the course of the next month we will also be introducing a weekly Twitter chat. The content of the chat won’t be work related, it will be centered around something fun as well as being a chance to download, share stories and hang out together.


Our scheduled and planned 2020 events

We are in the process of virtualising a number of our planned events for second quarters and third quarters.


These include Careers Clubs, Student advice Networks and our new Women in the law uk on line series.  A number of our events do lend themselves to face-to-face interactions, we are in the process of reviewing all of these events and will be in touch with any relevant parties in due course.


Your help. To keep all our spirits up. We would like to hear from you. We would like  you to record a 2 minute recording of:

  • Who you are .
  • You have attended Womwn in the law event which was it and how it made you feel.
  • And why you support the work of women in the law uk.
  • And your one positive message or quote you live by and why you love that quote?
  • Then send it to us at womeninthelawuk@gmail.com


We wish you all the very best of health during this time, and we look forward to seeing you in the virtual world of women in the LawUK online.


Remember to follow the NHS advice.


we would recommend checking the following websites frequently for updates:





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On this month’s episode you’ll meet Baroness Helena Kennedy QC.

Helena is a Scottish barrister, broadcaster, and Labour member of the House of Lords. She served as Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford from 2011 to 2018



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You can sponsor the podcast and advertise on it by contacting us via our email womeninthelawuk@gmail.com

Corona Virus

We are very aware of how the ever-changing Covid19 virus pandemic is affecting every business and employee within the built environment and beyond.

Watching the news, it is hard to remain positive at times, but it’s important to remember, a crisis always ends.
Here are 5 rules to lead in tough times;
1.       Protect your hope by avoiding the news and reading wise books – ( easier said than done avoiding the news, I know!)
2.       Either maintain or start an exercise regime – it strengthens your focus and reduces stress
3.       Keep asking the WTOH question – “What’s the opportunity here”
4.       While others retreat to safety, keep re-inventing and serving
5.       Remember, this will pass, embrace it and use your freed up time wisely
We believe in planning ahead and ensuring we remain your best ambassador in the market- whatever the future holds, no-one knows for sure, but what we do know is that a strong talent pipeline is going to be more business critical than ever. So whether you are still hiring now, or will wait until the peak of the virus has been reduced to low risk, we want to know so we can act accordingly on your behalf.
Equally, if you know of anyone seeking our assistance from the other side of the desk, we are always available to be a guiding, honest and supportive confidante to anyone who needs it.
So with that in mind please feel free to arrange a phone call over the coming days so that we understand what we can do to enable you to not only survive this, but to ensure you thrive 🙂
IR35 has now been postponed for 12 months which will help the industry navigate through these challenging times, allowing a flexible approach.

A message from Kingsley recruitment

The team at Kingsley remain fully functioning and able to support should you require contract staff at his time.
We will be providing daily updates on our company Linkedin page, sharing our knowledge in terms of how others are tackling these challenging times, as well as providing practical support advice to those who seeking employment.

All the best, stay safe and keep you and your families well.

Financial Wellbeing

Have your finacial health check with Wesleyan for lawyers
By contacting Wesleyan
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Meet our fantastic sponsors of our newsletters – The Legal Director and Kirstie Penk.

Who are The Legal Director?
We are a law firm that is fully regulated and we provide clients with their own part time in-house lawyer.  Our lawyers are all senior GCs, barristers or private practice partners  (we take on no one less than 10 years qualified) and they work either from their home or from the clients’ site for between 1 and 6 days each month.  They typically work for 6 or 7 clients at any one time.  They are paid a percentage of the revenue they bill and are self-employed working through their own PSCs.

The part time professional services model is popular for FD’s but no one else is doing it in the legal world for GCs (at least no one else that is a regulated law firm).

What is the company? 
We are a limited company and have been trading for 10 years.  There are 3 of us who own and run the business.  I am based in Sheffield, James Mallender in Bristol and Ed Simpson in London.

What are the benefits of working in the TLD way? 
People who work for us get to choose the hours they work and the amount of work they do.  They can ramp things up or down as their personal circumstances dictate.  It’s true GC work as our clients don’t typically have another lawyer working for them in-house and so our lawyers get involved at a very high level in the business, with some really interesting, growing companies.

Switchboard: 0203 053 8613
Direct dial: 07881 506 711
Email: kirstie.penk@thelegaldirector.co.uk
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kirstiepenk
Web: www.thelegaldirector.co.uk
Address: 107 Cheapside, London EC2V 6DN

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